Rt. #5 = Nash/Wake Village  (1 Hour Route)  Bus Stops
In Service 5:30 am @ T-Line Transfer Station               Out Of Service 6:20 pm @ T-Line Transfer Station
T-Line Transfer Station (facing north) :30 (Bottom Of Hour)
New Boston & Waterall f/s S & S Flea Market, Wright's Glass :30
New Boston & Summerhill n/s Wells Fargo, Cash Saver, Buddy's Furniture
McDonalds :30 Shelter
New Boston & Reading n/s Coca-Cola Bottling Co, Lakewood Country Store :30
New Boston & Wheeler n/s Church's Chicken, Junkin' For Joy :30 Bench
New Boston & Smelser f/s Great America Outlet Mall, Big Jake's BBQ :30
New Boston & Robinson n/s Sav-A-Lot, Advance Auto Parts, American Pawn :30
New Boston & Baylor n/s Bancorp South Bank, Cable One, Family Dollar
Panda’s Chinese Restaurant, Texas Rehab
Commission, Texas Commission for the Blind :30 Bench
New Boston & Cross n/s Shell Food Mart, Wet Willie’s Car Wash :30
SUPER WALMART Northside of bldg, Lowe’s :30 Shelter
New Boston & Clark f/s Fiesta House, Phone Company :30
New Boston & Waymeadow   n/s Dollar Store, Oakwood Courts :39
New Boston & Pecan f/s First Baptist Church of Nash :39
Kings Hwy & New Boston   f/s Milano’s Restaurant, Donut Shop :39 Bench
Kings Hwy & Proetz n/s Top Notch Marketing Services :39 Shelter
Kings Hwy & Pinehaven f/s Pine Ridge Estates, Graham Crackers :39
Kings Hwy & LaGrange n/s Rehkopfs :39
Redwater Rd & Carroll n/s EZ Mart, Westwood Apts, King Park :48 Shelter
Redwater Rd & Cody n/s Residential :48
Redwater Rd & Rozzelli n/s Wake Village Elementary School, 
Wake Village Fire Dept.  :48
Redwater & Wake Village n/s Holiday Cleaners, Cameo Beauty Salon,
Capitol One Bank, Ms. Virginia’s :48
Burma & Arizona n/s Residential :48
Wake Village, Burma & Guam f/s First Baptist Church :48 Bench
Wake Village Rd & 7th n/s Big K-Mart, Dairy Queen, Wells Fargo Bank, :57 Shelter
7th & Wake Village Rd f/s Albertson’s, Taco Bell, McDonald’s :57
7th & East Loop f/s RoadWay, Subway :57
7th & Kilgore f/s Flower's Bakery :57
7th & Talbert f/s 7th Street Apts, Western Apts, Redwood Apts
West Towing :57 Shelter
7th & Robison n/s Southwest Center, W&W Auto Sales,  :57
Robison & Bright f/s Gateway Furniture, William Homes :57
HIGHRISE f/s HIGHRISE, Reniassance Plaza :57
15th & Lester f/s Watts & Guillot Army Reserve :06
15th & Apple n/s Pecan Ridge Apartments :06
Milam & 12th f/s Oaks At Rosehill Apts :06 Bench
Milam & MLK n/s Dunbar Elementary School :06 Bench
7th & Bowie n/s Sierra Motel :06
7th & Lake n/s Fast & Low, New York Hot Wings :06
7th & Whitaker n/s Hardy Memorial Methodist Church (Closed) :06
7th & Elm n/s Sand's Motel, Tri-State Motel :15 Bench
Spruce & 12th f/s Bowie County Health Center :15
T-Line Transfer Station (facing north)